Conversion Rate Optimisation NZ

Higher website conversion rates translate to more sales, a lower cost of sale and a more effective and efficient use of your current marketing efforts.

Identifying and measuring what actions you want your users to do is the basis from which we can implement various strategies to increase the frequency or likelihood of these actions happening. Conversion Rate Optimisation (“CRO”) identifies bottlenecks and improvements that can be made to your website in the most ROI efficient manner.

How Strategus Helps With Website Conversion

Strategus’s approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) starts with the customer and a focus on delivering great  customer experiences. You work hard to bring traffic to your website, so now that hard work is done you need to remove any barrier that may prevent customers taking action! Our CRO services make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for,  and make it simpler and  more compelling  to engage with your website.  Whether it is buying your products, watching a video, coming to your store,  signing up, calling now or reading a “white paper” or blog.

Delivering a great customer experience starts with  identifying conversion points (actions),  within your website. The workflow paths a user takes when navigating your site are known as conversion funnels. We implement analytics to measure the performance at conversion points within these funnels. Then by adding, removing,  modifying, and optimising content, navigational structure and “calls to action” we  reduce friction and  encourage users  to take promoted actions.

We begin by making your site “mobile friendly”,  ensuring that the site works and is fast to load on mobile devices. Then amongst a myriad of other contributing factors, we make sure certain content and navigational structure is simple, easy to access and effortless to use with thumb and fingers, instead of a mouse.

There can be no shortcuts when it comes to your content. Better content helps you convert more. We help you present an offer with clear headings, easily readable copy, accurate spelling and good grammar; alongside  appealing and aspirational imagery.  Your core content should be supplemented with videos, how to manuals and supporting specifications and where relevant, training, warranty and easy returns information. Adding reviews, testimonials and social linking  promotes not only trust, but inspires me-to actions.

Sometimes less is more, so you need to remove unnecessary navigational structure or content  on pages where it may distract or worse divert customers away. Even with sites that call for you to simply complete a form, we will work with you providing key conversion recommendations. Sometimes these can be relatively minor changes like eliminating fields that are not  required in a sign up form that  can lead to exceptional conversion improvement.Or it may be improving the “calls to action” on your site, by changing size, copy, colour and positioning of action buttons. We can facilitate A/B split testing so you can measure the impact of all changes. We can also  help you create urgency and make suggestions that incentivise your customers to act.

We will help identify both major improvements as well as assist in implementing minor incremental changes. Regardless of the magnitude of change it will be thoroughly  tested, measured, and constantly refined as part of a programme of continual improvement .

Conversion rate optimisation takes in to consideration all aspects of your online performance and can include everything from your value proposition and offer, to the trust instilled in your brand demonstrated in the structure and design of your site. Your SEO ranking for example, which seems unrelated, will contribute to your perceived trustworthiness and therefore impact your website conversion.

Website users are creatures of habit, so you need to be particularly  sensitive to the potential  impact on conversion when upgrading or redesigning  your existing  site. While the likely intention of any redevelopment is to improve the site performance; migration to a new site can add some real risks and have a far reaching impact on your customers. It needs to be carefully considered  and managed, if you are to avoid the exact opposite impact than intended, in terms of sites conversion.

We can help you plan and manage a site migration, or upgrade helping mitigate the risks and impact on your users and help you achieve the uplift you are looking for.

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