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Mobile Responsive

Mobile users and mobile usage are growing and the way people use their mobile devices is constantly changing.

Improve your exposure to these visitors and ensure your site is optimised to meet their ever-changing needs.

Responsive web design ensures your website will keep pace with the ever-increasing multitude of devices and browsers that people are now using to view and interact with businesses and the web.

Our design approach is sympathetic to this array whether it be tablets, smartphones or notebooks to laptops, desktops and even TV, incorporating both your brand and messaging requirements with these device-specific behaviours into your responsive development.

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    Identify Mobile Usage Gaps

    We’ll tell you how much traffic you’re getting from mobile devices and what we need to do to make your site more mobile friendly in order to attract/retain these visitors.

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    Make Adjustments

    We’ll work with you to make adjustments that will improve your exposure in mobile search results and ensure your site provides a good experience for these visitors.

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    Test Results

    We’ll test our changes and track their impact on mobile visitor behaviour and conversions.

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    Ongoing Recommendations

    As the mobile internet is constantly changing, we can regularly review how your site is doing and adapt it to changes in mobile technologies and user behaviour.

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Responsive Site Development

If your site hasn’t been designed to automatically adjust for mobile devices or you don’t have a mobile version, we can redevelop your site to be fully ‘responsive’ for mobile and tablet devices. Take a look at our Web Design & Architecture service or get in touch to discuss your needs.

Why have a responsive website?

There are many benefits to upgrading or designing a new responsive website, including:

  1. Google recommends it
  2. Management of website content is reduced
  3. Minimizes possible SEO problems like duplicate content
  4. It’s cost-effective
  5. It’s what your potential customers expect.

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