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Social Media Marketing

Use social media to grow your network, build a community and keep your customers updated with news, trends and promotions.

Our social media optimisation strategies help build brand awareness, create interest and engagement within your target audience and grow strong advocacy and a loyal following. Like search engines, social networks can be a source of referral to your website so by harnessing this opportunity we can help you grow website traffic, increase conversion and ultimately do more business online.

Strategus can assist with your Social Media Optimisation

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Strategus help you create and implement an effective and sustainable social media optimisation programme. There is no doubt that social media can increase your brand’s exposure to targeted customers, create referral traffic and vastly increase inbound enquiry.


We start by tailoring a social media plan that ties social activity to business outcomes, identifies the resources needed to maintain a high level of interest and engagement, then map out how to widen your web footprint to get your information to more potential and existing customers.


It begins with carefully selecting the platforms where you will place and then maintain your branded profiles whether it be  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or Youtube. This varies dependent on your product or service offering and whether you sell direct to consumers, or offer a (B2B) business to business service offering.  We identify and set up new mediums for your content  from white-papers and eBooks, to videos and blogs.


The most important commitment you need to make when implementing a social media optimization programme is to develop and keep developing exceptional content for your target audience groups. You need to create great content frequently.  In essence, this is the seed from which you begin a conversation and discussion, that creates engagement with your target audience. The information you share encourages users to participate in the conversation with the aim of creating a community.  The challenge is to deliver a programme that maintains a high level of interest and engagement. We will help you with everything from post frequency, to achieve the right balance between your own promotional posts, industry and market insights, and other bloggers information.


The ultimate outcome is when this engagement leads to users creating content.  User-generated content is a powerful force that can generate trust in your brand.  Many different studies tell us that “millennials” generally trust what their social network tells them, more than a professional review.


Your social media optimisation programme can also have a positive impact on your performance in the Search Engines. All of these new channels for your information whether posts or sharing create new links. The links from social media sites are generally considered high quality, so having your content featured in multiple sites increases your relevant links out there.

Strengthen your brand, improve your SEO performance, discover the power of personal recommendation, and create an alternative source of inbound leads!

Partner with us to drive your Social Media Optimisation programme.

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