Responsive Web Design & Development

Specialising in responsive development and best practice SEO construction provides an exceptional foundation to support your brand’s growth and presence in the online community.

"The team at Strategus have been extremely helpful and guided me through the website development process from initial planning until the site was live. They have always been there to go the extra mile when I have needed it.

I am extremely happy with the final design."
Website Development

Building for mobile first.

Responsive web design ensures your website will keep pace with the ever increasing multitude of devices and browsers that people are now using to view and interact with businesses and the web.

Our design approach is sympathetic to this array whether it be tablets, smartphones or notebooks to laptops, desktops and even TV, incorporating both your brand and messaging requirements with these device specific behaviours into your responsive development.


What is responsive web design?

A responsive website tailors the content and look to the device and orientation that is being used to browse the website.

By tailoring this look and feel, the website is optimising not only its layout but also the content presentation. Responsive development ensures consistency of brand and an improved user experience ultimately leading to increased enquiry and conversion.

Why have a responsive website?

There are many benefits to upgrading or designing a new responsive website, including:

  1. Google recommends it
  2. Management of website content is reduced
  3. Minimises possible SEO problems like duplicate content
  4. It’s cost effective
  5. It’s what your potential customers expect.