SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

A successful SEO strategy will help get your website ranked in Google and the other search engines, ensuring you’re not missing out on traffic and qualified visitors to your website.

Whether you’re focusing on local, national or international markets we provide effective SEO strategies that build your online profile and help grow organic traffic to your website.

"Strategus has significantly improved the amount of organic traffic we are getting. We are now ranking for a lot more targeted keywords with higher results. This is driving direct enquiry and conversion and ultimately growing my bottom line "
Search Engine Optimisation

How Strategus Help With SEO

The Strategus approach to Search Engine Optimisation focuses first and foremost on working with you to identify what your customers are looking for online. While this may seem quite obvious, thorough research can often yield some fresh and important insights. With this knowledge we help you deliver and service visitors to your site with information and the content they want. This customer first approach improves your customers experience, and when combined with the correct technical implementation and off page optimisation, improves your SEO performance in search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimisation services help you better perform in three broad, yet highly inter-related areas:

  • Content
  • In-page optimisation and technical implementation
  • Off-page optimisation – Linking Strategy


Good content is about delivering customers what they want, when they are looking for it. Our content strategy follows search engine guidelines and helps you develop quality content, that is compelling, useful and where possible unique. It begins with keyword discovery, then we precisely use this information in navigational structure, naming conventions, headings, site copy and imagery. We help ensure your content is fresh, easy to read, accurate and available in the form your customers want to use it. Remembering that “interesting sites will increase recognition on their own”. Content needs to be designed for different user profiles and sympathetic to visitors’ varying understanding of your subject matter in order to be effective for SEO.

In Page Optimisation

Our in-page optimisation begins with a technical audit of your digital assets. This facet looks at the site structure and a multitude of technical aspects that determine how your content is organised and seen by both users and search engines. For example your site and content being optimised for mobile will impact both your users experience and SEO performance. In-page optimisation considers many elements, including everything from navigation, descriptions of pages (tiles, tags, meta and imagery) to link structure, broken links, pages not found and sitemaps. We will help you accurately represent your content and ensure your key words are correctly included all page technical elements.

Off Page Optimisation

Off-page optimisation begins by understanding in bound links to your site; i.e. who is linking to you and their associated trust levels. Where these links are from, along with the authority and trust of those sites, plus how current they are, will directly influence how search engines determine your authority, trust and importance at any given point in time.

We will work with you not only to provide the understanding and value of your current inbound links, but also provide competitor analysis, and most importantly identify new linking opportunities for your business.

Please call us today to arrange a free SEO audit and understand how Strategus can help your business.