Web Application Development

Custom and bespoke website application development that delivers efficiencies, increases productivity and reduces costs.

Canterbury Weather Updates - cwu.co.nz
"Andy and Stuart have been fantastic to work with; from the outset they have taken a personal interest in CWU. They have been influential in guiding us through major developments on our webpage and business. Excellent communication and pride in their work and a pleasure to work with, we’ve been guided through developments and provided ideas and solutions to possible challenges. I would strongly recommend the Strategus team, for their excellent personal and well-rounded service."
Website Development

For website application development that delivers:

  • UX (User Experience)
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Design
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Mobile Optimised

Custom application development

By tailoring online solutions to meet your company’s needs, business rules and ways of working you can not only increase productivity but also reduce errors and have better visibility and measurement across your channels.

Whether it be systems targeting customers, suppliers or internal use applications, Strategus have the proven methodologies to deliver on your requirements.

Web application development process

  • Definition & Specification
  • Design & UX
  • Development
  • Test, track & measure
  • Deliver