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What Our Clients Say

  • Enviropallets

    “Their knowledge of the online space was invaluable and apparent for so many different elements of the site build. I am very happy with the end result”

  • Priava

    “Strategus are helping drive more traffic to our website and we are getting better quality leads”

  • Kura Golf Course Design

    “..the advice of Strategus have been extremely valuable to Kura Golf and I would thoroughly recommend the services of Strategus if you are looking to grow your business..”

  • Chocolate Traders

    “Strategus has significantly improved the amount of organic traffic we are getting. We are now ranking for a lot more targeted keywords with higher results. This is driving direct enquiry and conversion and ultimately growing my bottom line”

Our point of view

WordPress Plugins Offer Diversity & Flexibility

WordPress Plugins Offer Diversity & Flexibility

With WordPress quickly becoming the world’s most used Content Management System, we’ve seen a huge variety of developments in the way of WordPress plugins that offer unique diversity and flexibility to your website. Whether you’ve got a simple brochure site or a complex WordPress ecommerce platform, there’s a number of plugins worth ...


Using Keyword Research to Maximum Effect

A common service we provide for our clients is Keyword Research, where we research various tools to discover what types of key words and phrases people type into Google when searching for your products or services, (if you interested in doing this yourself then read our earlier posting on read more >>

Getting Started with Keyword Discovery

Keyword Research (or Discovery as we like to call it) is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy. Keyword Research arms you with a set of words, phrases and topics that people use to search for your products or services on the internet. Knowing these phrases and using them on key places onsite helps toa) attract more organic traffic by becoming relevant in search results, a...