Digital Strategy

Make sure you are getting the most from your digital assets. They not only need to work together, but also enhance your off-line brand and marketing initiatives.

Developing a Digital Strategy begins with identifying your customers key objectives, then working out how to deliver great outcomes that meet these objectives based on your available resources.

“I would like to thank Stuart and Strategus for helping me organise and develop a structured approach for both my direct, and indirect sales channels. Their advice has led my company to establish a focussed approach to business opportunities, and has directly contributed to the progression of several projects and aided in creating some new business opportunities.”


Digital Strategy Development

Developing a Digital Strategy begins with 1437622458identifying your customers key objectives, then working out how to deliver great outcomes that meet these objectives based on your available human resources, time, money and structure. There is no one fit solution for all, so a custom digital strategy must be developed for each business, largely because each businesses customers are different.

It would be rare for a business to only have one type or profile of customer, so the vision and digital strategy plan needs to identify the needs and wants (and approach) across multiple demographics, and engagement preferences. i.e. in a simple example you may be encouraging one customer profile to buy online, while encouraging another to come in to your store.

Understanding your various customers objectives is essential, this requires engaging and encouraging them to share both their preferences and problems as a first step.

In aiming for the perfect vision the digital strategy development process will identify what is realistic, and what the risks might be given the constraints of budget. It will help define what can be achieved internally, along with what would be best outsourced.

The vision and objectives set need to be ambitious yet attainable, which means allocating the appropriate resources.

Strategus will work with you to develop a digital strategy that is realistic, measurable and achievable. With your customer objectives as the underlying primary foundation, it will include defining a strategy that encompasses:

·    Web site delivery – Architecture, technical and platform suitability – Mobile

·    Optimal content creation and curation plan – developing content customers want

·    Best Digital channel drivers for your brand – Email, Social, SEO, Paid search marketing, Affiliates

·    Conversion improvement – Design, Navigation, Merchandising, Calls to Action

·    Measurements and Analytics across all elements.

·    Identifying the people, skills, systems and budget.

Your Digital Strategy will provide a roadmap for ongoing execution that must be constantly measured and analysed to evaluate effectiveness, with a view to constantly adjusting, refining and improvement.