How To Choose The Right Digital Agency

You’ve realised that you’re in need of a digital marketing partner, as you don’t have a moment to spare and quite frankly, all this digital malarkey is rather daunting. However, with so many new agencies quickly appearing and with options to now source your marketing needs from a different country, choosing the right agency for your business has become rather difficult.

Selecting the right digital partner is crucial, as the wrong people could quickly negatively impact your brand and drain your advertising budget. Therefore, Strategus have put together five things you should look for when searching for an agency that will help your business grow.

1. A good agency will want to know the nitty-gritty details

All too often, agencies will at first put you in touch with someone that can sell. They won’t be interested in your business or needs, but rather what they can offer and sell you. A good agency will want to thoroughly understand your business, your needs and objectives and all the other details which make up your business.

Particularly in Christchurch, there are so many family and privately owned businesses, that most of them have a history, culture and strong values, and the right digital partner will take an interest and want to hear all about them.

2. Ensure the agency you work with is legitimate with good intentions

It’s not about the first agency you come across on Google, it’s about their credibility and how transparent they’re willing to be with you. Be thorough when you do your research, as too often many businesses are caught out, or undergo bad experiences when choosing an agency that makes promises but doesn’t have the credentials to follow-through.

Review an agency’s website, address, biography, team members and portfolio. If you don’t find this information, then it’s likely that they’re not worth your time. If they’re also offering very cheap rates, then that’s another red flag. Some businesses may think that choosing cheap will save costs, but what you’re actually doing is throwing your advertising budget down the drain and ultimately losing a lot more money.

3. Technical ability

As much as it’s nice to support a friend of a friend who has started to do some digital marketing freelance work, it’s also extremely valuable to hire someone or to choose an agency that has team members that possess strong technical capabilities. You won’t believe how complicated digital platforms and software programmes are becoming and the extent of what they’re able to do.

Be sure that the agency you choose has an understanding of website development technologies. The website is your mothership and must be built and hosted properly. Ask your potential agency what experience they have with this, find out how well-rounded they are, as innovation is just as important as the digital fundamentals.

4. Test them

A good agency who has been in the digital space for many years should almost instantly have some good ideas up their sleeve about what your business needs.

Don’t be too timid to ask the agency’s experience in your industry? If it has the experience, then ask about those engagements, what went well and what was challenging. If it does not, then this is nothing to be alarmed about, instead, ask how it approaches a new industry.

Some businesses like the comfort of going with an agency that they now have extensive experience in the same industry and do some work with some of their competitors. However, a fresh set of eyes and a new approach is sometimes an advantage to unlock a stagnant marketing strategy. A good digital marketer can evaluate a client’s industry, online presence and competitors and devise an effective strategy.

5. Lastly, a good relationship is key to business success

Once you’ve shortlisted a few digital partners, the last, but certainly not the least crucial thing to consider is the potential relationship. Doing business should be fun, not mundane and so choose an agency that aligns with your personality and values, not an agency that you think has the ultimate capabilities but you find intimidating.

Think about the way your business hires employees, it’s likely that you’ll hire someone that has all the credentials, but someone who you can also have a beer with.

Many agencies are so focused on their numbers and timesheets, that they lack creativity and personable skills – there’s nothing more annoying knowing you’re going to be billed for a five-minute phone call conversation.

In conclusion, if their legitimate, have the credentials and you know you’ll enjoy working with them, then take that chance. If you’re also currently in a stagnant partnership with your current digital agency and you know it’s time for a change, then take that step forward and make the change.

Strategus would love to hear about your business and digital needs, so feel free to get in touch by submitting your details or giving us a call.

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