Using Competitor Analysis for your SEO Strategy

Using Competitor Analysis for SEO Strategy

Whilst it’s generally recommended to focus on what you are doing as a business and not what the competition is doing, we feel it’s also important to gauge what your competitors are doing to ensure you are not missing any opportunities to improve your website’s visibility. Often competitor analysis can be used to landscape your industry and find chances to better your site’s performance and your bottom line.

Brand Mention Monitoring

Brand mention monitoring is simply scraping the web for any mentions of your (or your competitor’s) brand name. This is done for many reasons such as PR analysis, customer engagement, link opportunities or to simply see what’s being said on the web about you. Monitoring brand mentions of your competitors ensures you will uncover any strategies that might be working well for them to see if they could also work for you. This type of “reverse engineering” can be super effective for finding marketing and engagement opportunities with your target market.

Backlink Analysis

Similar to brand mention monitoring and just as you should be monitoring your own backlinks, why not monitor links to your competitor’s sites? It’s a time efficient way to check where they are listed that you are not, and then add these sites to your list of link building targets. While not all sites may be worth your time, this task often uncovers hidden gems to add to your backlink repertoire.

Keyword Competition

Any good SEO strategy has a solid keyword list and it is crucial to ensure your efforts are aligned to your overarching keyword goals. It’s important not to become too focused on the ups and downs of keyword rank tracking because rankings naturally fluctuate and it’s easy to obsess over. We do however recommend running a keyword ranking report once every 3-4 months with yours and

your competitors’ domains to see any changes over time and ensure they’re not creeping in on your keyword rankings. This can also help identify any new competitors you hadn’t noticed yet.

We can help with competitor analysis for your SEO strategy. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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