Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is using Social Media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn to promote your business. Some forms of Social Media are paid (such as Facebook Ads), and some are organic, or “naturally grown”.


It’s important to consider if your business needs to be on Social Media in the first place, and if so then defining what exactly you’ll need to do the job. Ask yourself these questions to help define if, and how you might use Social Media:


Why are you taking on Social Media?
If you’re just doing it because everyone else is without a clear strategy, you’ll fail to provide real value to your customers and promote your business.


What do you want to achieve?
Social Media can be a great way to increase your brand exposure, get more traffic to your website and over the counter sales. Define exactly what you want to achieve before you delve into Social Media.

What is the benefit to your customers?
Think about the end benefit to your customers and how they’d ideally interact with you on Social Media.

What is your niche or areas or added value?
Define how your business is different and better than your competitors. What can you do on Social Media to express this and help promote your business?


Who are you targeting? New or existing clients?
Various Social Media Marketing techniques can be used to attract customers, whether they be new or existing. You can also target user segments such as past converters, site visitors or specific campaign visitors and show them specific ads about your offering. Consider how you’ll target specific groups of users organically, such as topical content curation or carefully crafted landing pages.


When are you going to be updating your Social Media accounts?
Social Media Marketing is time consuming and resource heavy. You’ll need to be creating content, responding to messages, interacting with customers and networking online. It helps to define your resource and timetables around doing this and commit to it.


How are you going to implement your strategy?
Having a Social Media Marketing strategy is great, but you need to take it a step further and define how exactly you’ll implement the steps involved. There’s many options and experts in different areas available to help achieve this.

How will you measure performance?
Think about how you’ll actually know if you’ve achieved your goal, or if your social strategy is even working. You’ll need to define key metrics to keep track of and have conversion tracking setup and monitored to see the real effects of your Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is a dynamic industry that’s constantly changing and evolving. If you need help with digital marketing strategy, get in touch.

The Strategus Team