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Why you should do an eCommerce-POS integration

If your business was a family, with your POS system and eCommerce platform as the children, would domestic harmony reign, or would it be more like an episode of The Simpsons?

Maybe the kids aren’t talking and mum’s sick and tired of being the go-between, with all the countless wasted hours and energy she’s spending.

That’s where we come in.

Think of Strategus as experienced digital mediators who’ll get everyone talking. Your POS and website don’t have to be uncomfortably estranged, clear and unimpeded communication will prevail in the end!

Why Integrate?

Save Time, Money & Minds

If you operate a POS system and an eCommerce system independently, you will inevitably exert many extra hours of manual work to keep everything in sync.

Someone will have to laboriously process online sales orders through your POS system, including the all-important inventory deductions (so as to not sell something you don’t have), and track shipping information for every customer.

Don’t underestimate the morale-obliterating effects that continuous, repetitive data-entry can have on staff, especially when they know other businesses have automated the same processes.

The cost of integrating your systems and any accompanying business disruptions will all quickly be demonstrably worth it when you see the positive impact created by the instant elimination of  data double-handling (and its associated costs, both monetary and psychological!).

Better Customer Experience

Manual data entry and updates by people always increases the probability of error.

Tired employees can easily make typos and transpose crucial numbers to cause shipping errors and delays that add up to increased costs and reduced trust and satisfaction of valued customers. An integration will reduce the risk of out-of-stock items or inventory discrepancies.

The convenience of regular automated data synchronisation, the reduction in time needed for manual data entry, the monetary savings on freeing up employees for other tasks and even reducing staffing needs to reduce payroll pressures, all combine to have a streamlining effect on your business.

Strategus are custom integration experts, providing tailored solutions to meet many and diverse integration needs for Christchurch businesses.

We’ll help you to effect positive change and get the most from your online presence

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