Local SEO: The Importance of your Local Profile

It may be hard to believe, but some businesses still don’t have a website at all!

Some of these businesses I have talked to, simply just have “too much highly profitable work on” and “the last thing they need is more sales enquiry or interest”.  Frankly, it is difficult to not to be envious of these entities….what else can you say apart from “well done”!

​For many others however, they do have websites; but often that is all that can be said about them. i.e. they have a website, that box has been ticked.  Unfortunately in many of these cases their websites are practically invisible to search engines, aren’t mobile friendly or because of one of a myriad of other reasons are completely ineffective to users. In essence a waste of time!  It is to these businesses that this article is targeted.

Just as it is unlikely that you would cut off the phone line to your business, how can you ignore the power your website can have in terms of being a conduit for inbound enquiry or new sales enquiry?

Local SEO Facts

Google teamed up with Ipsos Media CT and Partnered, to find out how people used search engines to influence their decisions, and the impact this had on their purchases. These are key points to consider when building your Local SEO campaign.

  • “Over 80% of people use the internet (search) to find out about local businesses and service information”
  • “One key finding was that four out of five smart phone users conduct mobile searches to find nearby businesses offering the products, services and experiences they want”
  • “Even more valuable for businesses is that 18 percent of local searches lead to purchases within a day” 

It is imperative that you have a credible and effective online presence. Your site needs to be fast, appealing and accurately reflect your brand, and service offering. It needs to be easy to use on all devices, logical and up to date, and you need to ensure it has the best chance of being found in search engines.

Courtesy Search Engine Watch

While it starts with an effective website that is search engine optimised, there are a number of other actions you can take that will help promote your business locally.  From claiming your Google + profile, registering your business with Google places, to creating blog content, social media profiles, and creating video content.

With the advent of mega international ecommerce conglomerates disrupting many traditional retail and wholesale models, it is important that local businesses don’t concede too much ground.

It isn’t just about buying online!

Local businesses need to capitalise on their personalised service capabilities, localised inventory bases and use technology to maintain their competitive edge.  According to a study from Think with Google

“Three out of four shoppers who find local information in search results helpful, are more likely to visit local stores or showrooms.”

Local SEO provides new opportunities to drive customers in to your store or showroom. Then you have the opportunity to convert visitors and onetime orders, in to life time customers. The same study tells us:

“Consumers visit stores for more than just a purchase, and their expectations of retailers are higher than ever before. They’re looking for an informative, customised experience.”

Talk to us today about we can help your locally-based business succeed online through local SEO.