The Benefits of a Fully Managed Web Hosting Solution

The Benefits of a Fully Managed Web Hosting Solution

When your business is running an ecommerce store or even a simple company website, the last thing you need to be dealing with is server management, backing up or updating your website. Not only are these technically difficult, they are time consuming and can be expensive to fix if not done properly. The best solution is to opt for a fully managed hosting solution where your provider deals with all your server related issues, akin to purchasing a mechanical warranty with your new car.
If you don’t opt for a managed hosting solution, your business is responsible for backing up your website, updating its software and maintaining the servers. Just like it sounds, this can be a deep dark hole for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing – and a risk to your business.


The last thing your business needs is lost data. Imagine updating your website with some flash new content, only to find something breaks and you’ve lost everything! Not only is this stressful but can also be extremely expensive for a company to recover. It’s important to have backup and security processes in place to keep your data safe and give you peace of mind, something that is easily done through managed web hosting.


Websites generally need updates to its software and servers, and monitoring these is essential to prevent any failures and major technical problems. Having a managed hosting solution ensures attention is paid to monitoring and systems and processes are put in place to ensure your website performs well for your business and your clients.


Choosing a managed web hosting service not only ensures peace of mind over the technical risks of having a website, it also comes with many business benefits. A very niche skill-set is required for system admin tasks such as server monitoring, updates and backups which can be expensive for a company to fulfil in-house. Dealing with these type of tasks is time consuming, and as a business owner you need to spend time on the things that improve your business and increase your bottom line – not system admin. Managed web hosting services ensure your time is better spent where the business needs it most. Call the Strategus team to find out how we can assist your business with a fully managed web hosting solution.

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